On September 10, 2003 the Fund released a report analyzing the economic effects on small businesses receiving funds from the Financial Recovery Fund.

In February 2003, the New York City Investment Fund’s Financial Recovery Fund (the “FRF” or the “Fund”) successfully concluded its September 11th small business grant program with the approval of recoverable grants totaling $11.4 million. The program provided both financial and strategic assistance to small downtown companies directly affected by the events of September 11th. The grant recipients employed over 1,900 people in Lower Manhattan.

The Fund acknowledges and thanks its donors for their generous contributions and for their strong commitment to the recovery of the downtown economy.

If you are interested in assisting Lower Manhattan small businesses rebuild, buying their goods and using their services is an immediate and effective way to impact these organizations. To assist you in directing business to these organizations, the FRF has issued a sourcebook, which includes a business description and contact details of FRF grantees. For a copy of the sourcebook, please send an email to [email protected]

If you would like to learn more about other forms of emergency financial assistance that are still available, please click here.